Portable Car Parks

Car parking is essential to the success of any event. Cars predominantly being the first choice of transportation for the public event organisers must make adequate provisions for the safe and efficient entry, parking and exit for vehicles despite potential changes in weather conditions. Bottlenecks can quickly result if an efficient car parking solution is not deployed, leading to delays and disappointment.

What are temporary car parks?

Temporary car parks are temporary constructions providing car parking spaces for events such as music festivals and conventions. Easily deployable and typically exempt from planning permission, temporary car park products have been known to be installed for over a year. They can be marked with spaces, arrows and other signs providing a complete car parking solution that can handle high volumes of traffic with ease.

Temporary car parks are also expandable allowing them to grow with the demands of your event. They are deconstructed with ease and capable of handling the heaviest of vehicles. In addition our temporary car parking surfaces are able to cover extensive areas; the system is built to meet the demands of any event.

Temporary Car Parks


Where can I use temporary car parks?

Temporary car parks are easily deployable at events, near helipads and in any other instance where temporary car parking spaces and flooring are needed. This type of flooring can work particularly well with a portable roadway, where a temporary road is required for vehicle access. Foundations are often not required.

What Products are available?

Supa-Trac™, manufactured by Rola-Trac, is a very durable and flexible surface offering the ability to produce robust temporary roadways and car parks for events and conventions.

I-Trac™ is a single component heavy duty access system enabling vehicular traffic over inhospitable or soft ground. This product is immensely valuable for temporary car parks and roadways.

Rola-Trac also supply event flooring for outdoor events where large volumes of guests can move around safely with a comfortable and even surface beneath their feet.

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