Quite probably the lightest and easiest to handle flooring of its type on the market, its extremely easy and fast to install.

Rola-Trac Lite ™ Our latest innovation offering a brilliant budget priced option for commercial, professional and domestic settings.
Rola-Trac Lite ™
Supa-Trac Lite ™ As a ground covering, Supa-Trac Lite ™ combines incredible durability and strength with ease of use.
Supa-Trac Lite ™
Rola-Trac ™ Creates a great surface for marquee flooring, walkways, outside displays and pitch coverings.
Rola-Trac ™
Supa-Trac ™ Creates a firm surface for walkways, roadways, temporary building and structures.  
Supa-Trac ™
I-Trac ™ A single component heavy duty access system enabling vehicular traffic over inhospitable or soft ground.
I-Trac ™
I-Float ™ I-Float is an I-Trac accessory and is a modular pontoon system that can provide a stable surface to operate on.
I-Float ™
Banzai Barrier ™ The Banzai Barrier ™ is a new and totally unique barrier system.  
Banzai Barrier ™
Terra-Bolt ™ A truly ground-breaking new system enabling users to anchor all manner of items in place safely and securely  
Terra-Bolt ™
Accessories Accessories for our products.

All Rola-Trac ™ products are protected by a worldwide patents, copyright and trademark.

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