Temporary Paths & Walkways

Flooring for walkways is a floor resource that makes paths and walking routes from one location to another safe and clear for pedestrians. Predominantly deployed in outdoor environments for work purposes or entertainment venues as trackways, where high volumes of people must continually travel safely no matter of changes in weather conditions.

What is Walkway Flooring?

Walkway flooring is a resource that is a temporary roadway solution for event access and ground protection. Event management companies and health and safety institutions must ensure that everyone on foot can move freely and safely on a path, and in case of evacuation or emergencies ensure the area is clear and practical. Temporary flooring provides this.

Walkways must be durable and hardwearing to support potentially thousands of people and must be user friendly for people of all ages from young to old. Accessibility to wheelchair and pushchair users is also vital as well as emergency services, temporary paths and roadways enable events to continue despite changes to weather conditions and other influences.

Temporary Paths


Where can I use Walkway flooring?

Walkway flooring can be used in almost all indoor and outdoor environments. Temporary walkway is ideal for providing access for events such as exhibitions, concerts, shows, festivals, galleries, sport events, displays, and can  be used for commercial purposes also.At an outdoor event, a temporary car park can also be used with a walkway to allow attendees to safely park their vehicle on soft ground, this is especially useful in unsafe weather conditions.

What Products are available?

Rola-Trac supplies a number of event flooring products which is suitable for temporary walkways:

Rola-Trac™ is great for commercial, professional and domestic use. The options are endless; tent/marquee flooring, roadways, walkways, patios, pet areas, outside displays, pitch coverings.

Supa-Trac™ creates a firm surface for walkways, roadways, temporary building and structures.

Supa-Trac Lite™ as a ground covering, combines incredible durability and strength with ease of use for temporary walkways.

Rola-Trac Lite™ is the latest innovation offering a brilliant budget priced option for commercial, professional and domestic settings such as temporary paths, walkways and roadways.

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