Audience Flooring

Audience flooring is essential at large scale events where heavy traffic is expected before, during and after an event. As events get larger and larger, stadiums and arenas are increasingly used for their capacity and on-site amenities. However, grass is unsuitable for music or other events and artificial surfaces, such as ground protection mats, must be laid to both protect the existing surface from damage and the attendees from injury.

What is Audience flooring?

Audience flooring is an easily deployable event surface solution providing a safe and comfortable under-foot surface for events taking place in arenas, marquees and stadiums. It can be laid and removed in hours, providing a cost-effective solution that can also be stored and reused indefinitely. The portable flooring is essential in providing a safe, comfortable and hard wearing surface for parties, weddings and concerts.

Marquee flooring provides much needed safety at events where large numbers of people congregate in enclosed spaces. Uneven and inhospitable surfaces can increase the risk of injury, particularly at music events, and grass can be ruined very quickly leading to huge resurfacing bills. Audience flooring is a lightweight solution that protects the grass and attendees, in addition to providing a stable surface for amenities such as drinks stands.

Audience Flooring


Where can I use Audience flooring?

Temporary audience flooring can be used wherever there is a need for protection between the ground and the users. This is most applicable at events held inside stadiums where the pitch surface, which may have undergone an expensive treatment programme, cannot afford to be ruined by trampling and heavy use and so ground protection is needed. Audience & Marquee temporary flooring protects the grass and also provides a level surface for safe walking and travel.

What Products are available?

Rola-Trac™ is a bespoke temporary flooring solution that can be laid and removed in hours. Available in a range of colours, the portable flooring product can be used to separate and mark important areas, and can be installed without specialist tools or equipment.

Supa-Trac™ ground covering is a unique product, incredibly durable and flexible creating a firm surface for exhibition flooring and walkways for a large audience.


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