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Banzai Barrier | Temporary Fencing for Events | Rola-Trac

Banzai Barrier ™

The Banzai Barrier™ is another great invention from Rola-Trac™ and is a unique, modular barrier system.


The Banzai Barrier™ is unbelievably light, at only 6kg per barrier and can be easily flat packed for compact storage in limited spaces. Although Banzai™ is lightweight a barrier, is it as robust as other competing products and provides a high level of stability when assembled.

The Banzai Barrier™ has removable feet, which means reduced repair and replacement costs.

Banzai Barrier™ has a unique addition, the ‘Banzeye™’, which simply plugs onto the Banzai™ enabling the user to create reflective words, shapes and logos.


Suitable for use in most settings, from public works to outdoor events, Banzai™ is extremely competitively priced, making it the best choice for any budget. And with the trusted brand name of Rola-Trac™ behind it, you can be sure you’re getting great quality combined with innovation.

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Banzai Barrier ™ Banzai Barrier ™ Banzai Barrier ™ Banzai Barrier ™

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