Supa-Trac Lite ™

Rola-Trac™ are proud to bring yet another unique new product to the market: Supa-Trac Lite™ is a strong and durable temporary ground covering, creating a firm, safe surface for walkways, temporary buildings, surfaces and structures.


Supa-Trac Lite™ is the ultimate lightweight pedestrian flooring. It conforms to almost all ground types and conditions, and can be laid over whatever area or shape you need.

With super quick installation and extraction – up to 70m2 per hour – it’s the simplest, fastest ground cover solution of its type on the market. No clips, tools or expertise needed.

Supa-Trac Lite™ comes in a range of colours and, as with all Rola-Trac™ products, meets anti-slip regulations. Each panel weighs only 4.7kg per m2 and can support a static load of up to 54000kg.

The temporary flooring panels are easy to disassemble and can be stored both inside and out. To clean the panels simply hose them down.


Supa-Trac Lite™ is super tough and is suitable for temporary exhibitions, access routes and pathways. To eliminate trip hazards, edging ramps are also available.

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Supa-Trac Lite ™ Supa-Trac Lite ™ Supa-Trac Lite ™ Supa-Trac Lite ™

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