Rola-Trac Lite ™

Rola-Trac Lite™ is our latest innovation and shares many of the same great features as the original Rola-Trac™ product. Rola-Trac Lite™ offers a brilliant budget priced option for commercial, professional and domestic settings.


Rola-Trac Lite™ is a unique, patented click together system, which can be fitted to any shape on virtually any surface, with no need for tools or expertise. Also, as with all Rola-Trac products, Rola-Trac Lite™ meets anti-slip regulations.

Rola-Trac Lite™ is quite probably the lightest and easiest to handle flooring of its type on the market, weighing in at just 2.25kg per m2. It is extremely easy and fast to install - one person can lay up to 70 square metres in an hour.

After you have finished using it, Rola-Trac Lite™ is easy to disassemble and store, inside or out, ready to use again whenever and wherever you need. If required, it can be easily cleaned with a quick hose down.


Rola-Trac Lite™ is a very versatile product, which is suitable for a variety of commercial uses including, temporary walkways, temporary flooring in tents and marquees or for outside exhibitions or displays.

Rola-Trac Lite™ can be used for domestic purposes, such as temporary patios or pet areas in the home.

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Rola-Trac Lite ™ Rola-Trac Lite ™ Rola-Trac Lite ™ Rola-Trac Lite ™

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